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Car rental deals are at abundance but consumers may find the range of deals perplexing, thus unable to make the best decision. Car rental deals often include the type of automobile which is being leased, the mileage record of the car and so on. Here are some tips on car rental deals and determining the objective behind the different prices.

Firstly the agency will offer a higher price for a larger vehicle. Naturally, the bigger the vehicle is the more costly it would be. For example an SUV would cost around $ 100 to $ 116 depending on the built-in features such as power-lock and large seating capacity which is usually up to 7 people.

Not only that, if size doesn’t matter, then the model of the automobile can be a factor. The latest trend in hiring a two-day automobile is using a Prius and Hybrid as a tack for an environmental friendly concept. Choose wisely according to your affordability and not because you need to compete with Hollywood celebrities’ choice of lifestyle.